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Surviving Load Shedding - Light at the end of the tunnel 2019/02/13

Today, as most days recently I was greeted with that all to familiar power outage called load shedding.  Now don’t get me wrong I also groan and moan when everything shuts down mid work, routers don’t. work and laptops only survive until there battery runs out. The frustration is real, but it doesn’t have to have a negative effect on your business.

Hmmmm now that’s a relatively bold statement considering load shedding is fast becoming a part of our every day lives with no let up.  You’re probably wondering how on earth I can say it doesn’t have to have a negative effect on your business.

Well its all about how you look at the situation, yes you can’t work digitally or electronically but it doesn’t mean you can’t get other work done. What do I mean?  Well I am sure that someone where on your desk or office is a pile of filing that you haven’t done because you haven’t had time, or a shopping list you planned on rushing to get done after hours. Allow me to present Load shedding your friendly reminder to get the things done you never have time for.


Your Load shedding to do list

  1. Filing – lets be honest most people put of doing admin and filing for as long as possible resulting in a messy work area, lost papers and a never-ending pile that keeps growing. Load shedding is a perfect time to sort out your filing. It requires no electricity and the benefits is you will feel more organised and when the power goes back on its one less thing to worry about, not to mention the sense of productivity you will have for using your down time in a positive way.
  2. Shopping: as entrepreneurs we must balance looking after a hours, groceries, children and various other tasks. Load shedding is an excellent time to get your grocery shopping done. Most if not all the shops run on a generator allowing business to progress as usual. Instead of rushing around like a crazy person at the end of the day, use your down time to get your shopping done and while your out grab a coffee because you won’t be able to make one at home or the office.
  3. Me time: we all find it hard to find time for ourselves because we are always busy with our children or working or cooking or washing etc. Use load shedding as time for yourself. You can’t work but you can have me time. Pop into the gym for a session, lie in a long hot bath, read that book, and if its late at night nothing like a candle lit bath for you and your partner.
  4. Organise your day: Chances are if you have load shedding you may need to re-organise the tasks you had planned to do for that day. During load shedding is the perfect time to re-evaluate and organise your day. This is quite useful because it will stop that impending sense of doom, we all get about not getting enough done in a day, but if you organise the rest of your day you will feel calm and more focused on the priority work for the day
  5. Let your clients know: we all know that feeling when there is a deadline and load shedding hits, or your cell phone is ringing none stop because you aren’t replying to client’s emails. The best thing to do is to let your clients know, we all live in the same country most of the time and we all know the struggle. A quick post on social media and your whats app profile lets your clients know you don’t have power.

The truth of the matter is Load shedding is real and we need to get on board, I know taking a proactive approach to the situation can be hard but there are benefits for you and your business. 

When all else fails remember there is light at the end of the tunnel… now go get that filing done 😊

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