UIF Documents – Reduced Working Time and Lay Off / Short Time

Due to the on going COVID-19 pandemic employers may find them selves in a situation where they may need to reduce the time employees work, place the staff on short time or even implement layoffs.
In some cases a bargaining council may have made provisions for short time and /or temporary layoff, as well as some employment contracts having built in provisions for the above mentioned reasons.

However if there is no provision via a bargaining council or in an employment contract then the decision to implement a lay off may not be done as a unilateral decision – this means the decision must be discussed by the employer and employee and it must be agreed upon by both parties.
If an agreement can’t be reached then the employer will have to follow the standard retrenchment process.

The following documents will need to be issued by the employer once lay off/ short time has been implemented and agreed upon

  • U19 document with reason 17 for termination
  • UI-2.7 this must be filled in as detailed as possible and signed
  • A letter from the employer confirming short time/ lay off
  • UI-2.1 Manual application to apply for benefits ( they can also apply electronically via Ufiling)
  • UI-2.8 Confirming their banking details

Click here to download the above forms as well as the easy aid guide for employers / employees for UIF

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